PLC Programming & SCADA

Introduction to Automation

  • Brief description of a control system
  • Pneumatic Controller, PLC Controller
  • History & need of Industrial Automation
  • Application of Industrial Automation
  • Basic components of Automation
  • Hardware classification of Automation


Getting Familiar with PLC

  • Types of PLC
  • Hardware & Architecture of PLC
  • Application & advantages of PLCs
  • Sourcing & Sinking concept
  • Programming Language of a PLC
  • Introduction to field Device(Input / Output)
  • Data files in PLC Programming
  • Brief Description of a Logic Gates
  • Simulator analysis of a PLC Programming
  • Communication with PLC
  • Wiring different field device to PLC
  • Uploading, Downloading & Monitoring programs
  • Introduction to Ladder Logic

Ladder Logic Programming

Ladder Logic Programming

  • Comparison b/w Gates, Relay Logic& ladder logic
  • Description of using Memory bit in a programming
  • Mathematical Concept ADD,SUB,MUL,DIV and etc
  • Logical Concept AND,ANI,OR,ORI, EXOR,NOT etc
  • Special Function MOV,SET,RST
  • Programming based on Timer And Counter

Advanced Programming in PLC

  • Introduction to jump and label instruction.
  • Introduction to SBR and JSR instruction.
  • Forcing of I/O
  • Monitoring/Modifying Data table values
  • Hands on experience on real time applications
  • Fault finding/troubleshooting and documentation
  • Interfacing proximity sensor with PLC
  • Interfacing with Relay

Advanced Programming in PLC

Getting Familiar with SCADA

  • Introduction to SCADA Software
  • Creating new SCADA Project
  • Tag Substitutions
  • Dynamic Process Mimic
  • Real Time Trend
  • Historical Trend
  • How to create Alarms & Event
  • Recipe Management
  • Introduction to graphic Properties like Sizing, Blinking, Filling, Analog Entry, Movement of Objects, Visibility etc.
  • Application of scripts
  • Communication with PLC

Working with Different SCADA Tools

  • Introduction to other SCADA
  • Communication through DDE/OPC/DIRECT driver.
  • Various other related properties