Industrial Training

Industrial Training is as important as conceptual clarity for a successful engineering career. There has always been a shortage of competent engineers in the Industry. NAPL Industrial Training programs have been specially designed to meet the Industry requirements. We offer Industrial Training programs for Electrical, Electrical & Electronics, Instrumentation, EEE, Mechanical & Power Plant Engineering undergraduates. Various Industrial Training Modules offered by NAPL are in the following fields

  • Power System Engineering
  • Sub-station Testing & Commissioning
  • Industrial Automation – PLC & SCADA Programming
  • Captive Power Plant Design, Operation & Management
  • Energy Management
  • To make our Industrial Training programs really effective we also offer internship opportunities. We believe that Internship is equally important for both, individuals & organizations. No organization can function without interns. They are the building blocks of the future and it goes without saying that they are the ones who do all the jobs which no one else wants to do.

    We take our internship program very seriously and provide an opportunity for interns to learn the ropes of the corporate world.

    • Please send your resume in pdf form only with a cover letter providing details on your areas of interest. Your depth of knowledge, ideas and originality needs to reflect in everything you send us, a single paragraph is enough if it tells us how good you are.
    • We offer internships in NCR only and it will involve travel in public transport to places like Gr. Noida, Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Panipat, Kucha pati ram, sadar bazar and other places where no intern in your batch has ever been before.
    • You can be brilliant but there is a distinct possibility that your style may not match ours or we may not understand “your work” or your thought process at all, please don’t take offence. If we say no.
    • If you are enthusiastic and can work long hours get in touch :